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So maybe he broke me a little bit more than I let on.
A little bit more than I even admitted to myself.

Someone should tell you when you're young,
If you act like something irreplaceable,
you'll get replaced by one.

And so the sun goes down and I yearn for his touch.
Or the touch of someone, at the very least.
Lines of options that I look out on every day.
But part of me is just so hesitant.
BUT - If there is one thing I've never let go of, it's my trust.
And I refuse to let him of all people take that away.

I have yet to cry, but my heart remains dismantled.
Honesty, I didn't even notice it at first.
I managed to convince myself that this time, it didn't hurt.

This is not to say that I feel like my world has ended.
IT HAS NOT. It has finally begun.
Released from him, holding onto what is left of my pride.
I'm taking this world head-on, taking it stride by steady stride.