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Mike. :)

So, I opened this post to complain.
To rant about everything that's falling in on me.
To tell you all [however few people actually read my posts anyhow,] about how I've finally fallen...
Fallen for someone who treats me how I deserve to be treated.
Fallen for someone who fell for me, too.
I know, sounds like very little to complain about.
Till I let you know this - he was arrested a few days ago.
And he's looking at a couple of years in prison.

Now, I said I opened this to complain.
And this is a big BUT...

As I hit the 'post' button, he called me from jail.
I ran outside for better signal.
I accepted a ten dollar charge that I can't afford.
Because he's worth that to me.
He's worth not having sex for however many months or years.
He's worth getting a better job to afford the gas I'll need to visit him on weekends.
He's worth talking on phones through glass.
He's worth it all to me.

And he told me he loves me.
The crazy part?
I think I love him, too.

So I opened this to complain.
But right now I just feel euphoric.


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Aug. 24th, 2009 05:57 pm (UTC)
everything sucks right now...we all know know life sucks...people suck and no one seems to make it better....but push on

You will be fine...

but dont break yourself for someone else...

just some advice...use it how you will....

good luck
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