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I love you. [Always.]
He's my friend. [I need friends.]
He hurt you. [So badly.]
You hate him. [Forever.]
I can't drop him. [That's not me.]
So you dropped me. [And that kills me.]
I love you. [Anyway.]

Air, I can't explain what it is that makes it so difficult for me to just stop being friends with James. But what's even more powerful is the feeling of pain that is residing in my entire being at this moment, since you basically said goodbye to me forever. I love you. I can't explain it. I have no reason to have ties to him. But they're currently refusing to be cut. And my ties with you, well, you just cut them. And I hate that. I cry for that. I hurt for that. So hopefully some day that will not be the case.....Once again, I love you.