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Loving life, huh? Who would've thought...

A place where I can know approximately ten people, only two of which I see and/or hang out with regularly, and still be happy? I'll take it while it's available. Those of you who were with me throughout my few very short months as a student at Western know that I was dead-set on HATING college. I could sing the I Love College song and enjoy it, but could I really enjoy the real thing? NO. I couldn't. I was unhappy. It was a terrible two months. And I'd like to say, I felt pathetic knowing that I hadn't even managed to survive an entire semester. But here I am, at a new college, with new classes, new professors, and new people surrounding me, and I really am enjoying myself. My schedule is kind of crazy, and I hate that I have to commute because I can't afford to pay to live on campus, but I'm here, I'm breathing, and I'm not freaking out about it.

I don't know what it is that is different, entirely. My mindset, of course, is far from the same as a year ago. My attitude is much better. And, I'm taking my medicine and sleeping normal hours - that in itself is a huge leap from my time at Western. I also think it helped immensely that I took classes during the summer, therefore allowing myself to become comfortable with campus [for the most part...sometimes I still don't know how to get around.] and the idea of taking classes and learning and all that good junk. I'm not really meeting people very quickly, but I'm not upset about that. I'm cautious who I'm spending my time with, even if that means mostly just spending my free time with Carmen back at home.

I can't help but feel proud, regardless of this only being day 8. My second week is almost over and I'm not bursting at the seams with stress like I expected to be. I need to get a job, money's REALLY tight right now, and my car seems to want to break down every week, but I'm handling things. I need to study more and work harder on my homework. But I'm still okay. I'm happy.

Mike's in jail, and it could be a couple of years before I see him outside of the glassed-in visiting area, but I care about him. Like Carmen told me last night, as long as we both know where our hearts are, we can make it through. I don't doubt that I care about him. Not one bit. If I didn't care about him I wouldn't have stuck it out past point A, him getting arrested in the first place. So for now I just write him and visit when I can, and do my work and get to class and just focus on the things that lay within my control.

Basically this post is just to let you all know I'm doing well. Hopefully that's what you want for me, and if not, please gtfo and stfu. :P

I can actually say I'm enjoying life.

Now if these automatic doors would please stop ignoring my existence so I don't have to wait for some non-invisible person to walk up and coax them open. That would really be a nice add-on to a great couple of weeks.

Bring it on, life. I'm ready this time.