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A message from a girl he's been talking to is all it took.
Go figure. I'm not gonna be cheated on by someone who has no other ability to cheat besides LETTERS in the fucking mail.

"Yeah, well. Then maybe he shouldn't be telling me that You will always be second best as long as I'm in his life. So yeah. Maybe I'll just get over it. Because apparently we are both being played for fools. But it's whatever. He can continue to write me and talk about you and how he wants to be with me and he never really wanted to be with you it was just because he was afraid of being alone. Apparently he's telling us both different things. But thanks for letting me know." - The OTHER girl.

If I'm second best, You're nothing.
I've got my friends. My family.
Maybe that guy that sits next to me every day in geography and talks to me...

Randee - Thank you. For pushing the truth on me even when I was too stupid to want to listen. If he's gonna get me back, which I don't really see happening, he's gonna have a LOT of explaining to do.

Bye, Michael.
And Jessica, You can have him. I won't fight for someone who won't even be faithful to me.